Large Format Copiers, Printers, Colour Scanners - A0, A1, A2

The Xerox 510 “36 inch” Wide Format Laser and HP Inkjet “42 Inch” Print System

For workgroups producing CAD and GIS documents,
It's a simple machine to use and provides quality copy output with the added benefit of being able to reduce and Enlarge drawings. This machine offers much more flexibility than even the newest inkjets if you just require mono plotting it is faster and cheaper to run than inkjet devices.

Xerox 510dp (3-Roll) 36" Large Format Laser Plotter / Copier / Color Scanner
Model Number : 510dp w / Synergix Scanner
This unit has been fully refurbished by our certified Service Technicians. Comes complete with all software including Windows Drivers, Client Tools containing Document Submit and Document Retreival Tools

The Xerox 510 Document System prints up to 36 inch-Size documents per minutes and the built-in electronic collation produces up to 999 collated sets from one single scan.

The 3 Roll Option allows for uninterrupted copying switching between paper rolls for printing multiple paper sizes ( A1, A2, A0 ) as well as auto size Reduction and Enlargement.

The unique Scan-To - Network feature is perfect for scanning all of your large format (A0) documents for e-mail distribution, back up archive, or easy storage

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